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Mass Effect modding, the basics.

https://docs.google.com/.../ 17eXeFkt4sMhzhP0MPG9XZk4ZLwJSYlZATmZzeXeR7cI/

Mass Effect Faces: http://www.masseffect2faces.com/. A thread for editing mainly female characters in ME3. Worth a read just to get the hang of how things work: ...

Mass effect arrival consequences

https://docs.google.com/.../1QOx1CR6Xu1SM16DBVUBAY5T6b-KM3B_ wzMcAGwdeXtg

... effect andromeda romance guide. So edi, what does the mass effect wiki say about this?. In terms of returning characters, two very minor mass effect 2 faces ...

Old XBOX Modding Thread

https://docs.google.com/.../1vaibiZ1I3CyeyuM90M7e-bUolT81- NmMTe8GMptbvnw/

Sep 13, 2010 ... 2) Instructions to mod your hair(female sheps only so far): http://masseffect2faces. co/index.php?show=tutorials&tutorial=hair. 3) Modding ...

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... cherchez la ligne « Face Code » et vous la remplacez par une se trouvant ici : une tête de Shepard qui vous plaithttp://www.masseffect2faces.com/index.php

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